Princic Families and Names in the U.S.A. & World
with Other Countries for Comparison

Note: This is a preliminary draft, with additional international research to be added in the furure

The surname "Princic" has origins in Central Europe, but is not common in the United States.  According to available online telephone directories for all 50 states, there are a total of only 23 Princic households in 7 states, with more than 60% concentrated in Ohio (23).

The table below lists the numbers per state, and includes live links to the household names, cities and phone numbers listed in 2005 telephone directories as provided online by Dex.  There is no information about the number of members in each household or family.

U.S. State # of Princic Households, with linked list
California   6    [12/07]
Colorado   1
Connecticut   2
Maine   4
New York   0
Ohio 10   [12/07]          (23 in 6/05)
Pennsylvania   1
Washington   1
U.S. Total 23 online 12/07      (35 online in 2005)

Other Countries:

Country "Princic" household listings  
Australia 8   
Austria 10  
Belgium 0  
Bosnia & Herzo. 0  
Canada   5  
Croatia 12  
Czech Republic 0  
Denmark 0  
France 36  
Germany 0 ?  
Hungary 0  
Italy 68  
Netherlands 0  
Romania 0  
Slovenia   5   Kemitja  
Slovakia   0          Slovak Telcom  
Switzerland   4  

There are no Princic listings found so far in online white pages for Belgium, Bosnia & Herzo., Hungary, Netherlands, Romania and Slovakia.

This information is provided as a non-commercial family research project, and generally no further information is available from the researchers about the people counted.  Out of respect for privacy, no individuals are listed or posted on this site, and the authors take no responsibility for the accuracy of commercial public telephone listings.

Posted 8/30/2005; rev 9/26/2006 and 12/5/2007  (c) Colorado Access 2000.